2015 Critiques – Jack Coats Bellerophon


Jack Coats – NESBTC Friday 25th September 2015

I would first of all like to thank the committee of the NESBTC for asking me to judge at their show, I was honored to do so, and was totally humbled by the friendliness and hospitality shown to myself by everyone connected to the club over my whole stay. This club is in good hands and I sincerely hope they go on from strength to strength over the coming years and if there is anything that I can do to help in that matter from this side of the pond I will gladly do so.

In my exhibits I was primarily looking for a good even blend of Bull and Terrier allied to sound construction which in turn would give the obligatory good movement.

I was satisfied that I found this in my main winners, but sadly some otherwise lovely looking exhibits lost out on movement on the day,

There were no bad mouths on the day I was glad to see, and the conditioning of the dogs in general was good.

Puppy Dog 6 – 9 Months


Nice std sized dog he had a good clean head, neat tidy foreface good round eye, ears sitting nicely all giving a good expression, he has a good front and backend on him and is coming along nicely for a six month old pup. Moved ok

Puppy dog 9-12 months


Topside Black brindle, of good construction and some quality, he gave his handler a hard time of it with his youthful exuberance but when he did settled he showed plenty of promise. He has a very nice head indeed, good foreface to skull proportions with good depth, tight lip good stop nice dark round well placed eyes with good ear set giving a good keen expression. He has a very good front assembly on tight well padded feet, with good lay of shoulder, enough rib for his age strong enough backend and a good topline which he kept on the move. He was in the best of condition with his coat gleaming, a credit to his owners. His movement when he settled was very good.

2nd Hall, Nocak, and Craigs, CIERA HOMBREWED EL CAMINO

Std sized Bk Brindle, Strong compact dog, he is a soundly built dog overall. He has a good enough head with a strong foreface, dark eye, ear set is fine, strong boned front, powerful short coupled body, his movement was ok.

12 – 18 Months Dogs

1st Smith and Samuels, DYNASTAFFS IRON MAN

13 month old boy, very strong head, I would have preferred a cleaner tighter foreface, his eye and ear placement is fine, his front is ok, he has plenty of substance overall, his movement on the day was fine coming, but a tad close in the rear when moving away. He is still a young dog so hopefully this may rectify as he matures on.

Open Dog, 3(2a)


Bridle and white, Nicely balanced head with good depth and foreface to skull ratio. He has a tight lip correct amount of stop, well developed cheek muscles with tidy well set ears all giving him a very good expression. He has a very nice straight front set on tight nicely padded feet. his shoulder placement is good, well off for rib, good tuck up, nicely angulated hindquarters, good topline, and he moved well for his young handler. At just 19 months I am sure he will have good future along with his equally youthful handler. Winners Dog

2nd Tyler Titheringtons, JAXSTOCK’S HIGH SPEED CHASE

Black brindle, In excellent coat condition, Very strong headed dog but with the necessary clean tight lip, well developed cheek and head muscles, small tidy rose ears, good square front, deep brisket, good topline, very short coupled with the strongest of back ends, he moved well enough. He had just a bit too much body for my personal preference, but he is a nice dog nonetheless. Res Winners Dog.

Puppy Bitch, 9-12 months


Bred By Exhibitor


Red, Young girl who still has a lot of maturing to do, she has a nice enough feminine head with clean foreface nice dark round eye sound front with good lay of shoulder and good topline, moved ok. As I say she has a lot of maturing to do but the framework is there and hopefully she will develop along the right lines.


Brindle and white, Compact little girl, good depth of head, short foreface nice round eye, strong neck, good rib, very short coupled, in good condition.

Open Bitch


Std sized Mahogany brindle, Bang in the standard bitch, she has the very best of heads, just the right amount of (very clean) foreface to skull ratio, with the correct proportionate depth of head, her eye is dark and round and set beautifully, she has good fill under the eye, and her neatest of ears are so correctly set giving her the most beautiful of expressions. Her shoulder assembly and front are bang on. she has enough rib for her frame, well tucked up. and she has well-muscled and angulated hindquarters. When asked to move she did so with great drive. She was in the very best of condition from her nose to her little neat tail. Winners Bitch, and BOB.

2nd Hornberg Wilson and Harrisons, TRAWDEN ICENI QUEEN

Std sized, White,   Another very nice quality girl, again a very nice feminine head not overdone in any way, straight front, deep brisket, level topline, nicely muscle toned hindquarters. She played her owner up a little bit, but she settled to show the good movement I would have expected from this well-known kennel.

Best of Breed Competition


Best Opposite Sex – Monestinas Ch.ITCHEBOREN SERIOUSLY COOL

Standard sized Black brindle,   Good blend of Bull and Terrier, beautiful clean head, good underjaw, dark round eye, thin rose ears, the best of square fronts, with the correct depth of brisket. He has a good layback of shoulder, good topline, nice backend with good bend of stifle. He was in excellent condition and moved very well.

Select Dog – Urbanski and Zagranicznys   Ch. TRUFFLESTAFF RA

Bk brindle and white, Strong well boned dog, good masculine head with nicely developed cheek muscles, dark round eyes, tidy enough ears, strong neck flowing into nicely placed shoulders. His front is straight and true, has the correct depth of brisket, and he was well tucked up. His hind angulation is good and he moved well.

Select Bitch – Bryant and Carters, GCh. SEENWORSTAFF LUCKY ME

Std sized Red, Another beautiful quality bitch, she is very neat and tidy overall and is sound in all departments. She has a very neat strong foreface with a good depth of stop, her head has just the right depth pro rata to its length. good eye placement neat rose ears set to give her a nice expression, strong neck, good straight front on tidy feet, enough rib, good strength of hindquarters with good bend of stifle. she looked from any angle, and she moved with the best of them.