2016 Critique – John Scanlan Pantycelyn UK

Saturday 1st Critque – Judge John Scanlan – Pantycelyn
A big thank you to the officers and committee and to the Exhibitors who gave me such a super entry. I must mention John Cocchiola for his hospitality and also Jason Nicolai for giving us a wonderful time site seeing.

DOGS, 6 to 9 Months

1st SAMROSS AMERICAN DREAM, D/B: Pup still very raw, he’s well grown with a balanced head, nice bite, clean lip, straight front and good feet. Well up on his pasterns, his rib seems to be developing nicely, tight coat, moved very well sound youngster.

DOGS, 9 to 12 Months

1st THUNDERHEADS ONE VISION, R: Standard size with a broad skull, dark correct shape eye, good bite, neat ear. Good length of neck well off for bone. Feet could be a little tighter, dips behind the shoulder which affects his topline, tail carried correctly. Good rear quarters.

2ND,BALLYHOO WAKE UP, B: Up to size for age, keen expression good bite, short stop with a dark eye, nice drop of brisket, straight front with round bone, pleasing body shape, good moving dog with a level topline.

DOGS, 12 to 18 Months

1st WAVEMAKER ATLANTICA,B: Of standard size, strong head correct bite, thin neat ear, will muscled neck and tidy shoulders, tight feet that just turn out a touch, nice rib and good tuck to loin, enough bend of stifle, he moved true both ways.

DOGS, Open

1st CIERA HOME BREW DIRTY SIDE DOWN D/B: The star of the day. Upto size D/B, with a keen expression nothing overdone in head proportion, perfect bite with large teeth, muzzle of correct lenth and width, clean front with elbows tucked in nicely, best of feet, neck blends into his withers, enough rib, level topline stacked and on the move. His rear angulation is well muscled with a nice bend of stifle he coverd the ground with ease carrying his tail correctly. This dog couldn’t stand wrong. Winners Dog, Best of Winners, Best Owner Handled and Best of Breed Stunning dog with time on his side.

2nd THE ALCHEMIST.D/B: Standard dog, who stands four square with a pleasing outline, very alert expression, broad skull with a dark eye and thin well placed ear, super bite, straight front of good width and depth of brisket, compact body with tight coat, level topline, well muscled hams, with nice tuck to loin, moved so well when settled. In top class condition as I would expect from this kennel. Smart dog, Reserve Winners Dog

BITCHES, 9 to 12 Months

1st MOONSTRUCK SERENDIPITY,R/W: Eye catching R/W Pup with excellent pigment, darkest of eye, neat ear, correct bite with clean lip, good bone to correct front assembly. Well padded feet, her body balances her height, thin coat with nice rib, rear quarters coming nicely for age, move steadily with purpose.

BITCHES, 12 to 18 Months

1st SYCAMORES MAUDIE AT BECOURT,D/B: Liked the size of this bitch, she’s strong headed with the darkest of eye, ear a little untidy, straight front with round bone, OK for rib, slight dip behind the withers losing topline on the move. Shown in excellent condition with a tight gleaming coat, good drive from rear.

BITCHES, Bred By Exhibitor

1st WINDYCITY DAPHINE,D/B: Who shows a lovely blend of bull and terrier, looking very fit as she entered the ring, Feminine head with enough width to skull, ample length of muzzle. Correct bite, dark eye of correct shape, would like her ears a little neater but does not alter her feminine expression, clean front with enough bone, looks good in profile, best of rear quarters, her body is hard to the touch moved with drive and confidence. Winners Bitch

2nd DAMARHOFFS WHILE MY GUITAR GENTLEY WEEPS, R: Compact with correct bite, nice eye shape, front a little narrow, good bone and feet, OK for rib, hard body condition. Good angulation to well-muscled rear, moved OK when settled.


1st DYNASTAFF ALWAYS AND NEVER RATN, D/B. Wicked expression. Lovely dark eye. Good width of muzzle and enough length, super bite with clean lips, good front assembly on the best of feet, neck of good length with well-placed shoulders, hard body condition, well-muscled rear quarters, good tail carriage moved out well. Reserve Winners Bitch

B.O.B. Competition

CH.SEENWORSTAFF LUCKY ME, R: Lots to like with this impressive red, good for size and very well balanced. Stood out in this strong class with her gleaming coat and muscle tone. Not disappointed when I went over her. Large teeth, canine’s well past the gum, good width to underjaw, dark eye and well placed ear. Clean well boned front. Best of Opposite Sex


John Scanlan (Pantycelyn)