2016 Critique – Martin Grimwood Stormstaff UK

Friday 30th Critique – Judge Martin Grimwood – Stormstaff
May I first please thank the Jodie and the committee for offering me the chance to come over and judge your supported show at Suffolk County Kennel Club and for your friendly hospitality throughout my stay there. I thoroughly enjoyed the show and the pleasant company. Thank you Paul Wickel for picking us up at the airport and getting us to the hotel, and providing me with a coat for that rain. Many thanks to John Cocchiola for his hospitality and giving myself and John a taste of the flavours of New York along with Jason Nicoli. Special thanks reserved for those who gave me a chance to judge their dogs, and seemingly accept my decisions in a very sporting manner, it was my pleasure. I thought there were more dogs than bitches at my idea of the higher levels of the standard throughout this show and below is my account. It is a shame that the Champions are not split by sex and placed, I think this would enhance the day. So, I am afraid that I did not think to comment on my select winners that were Monestina`s Ch Itchboren Seriously Cool and Bryant and Carter`s Ch Seenworstaff Lucky Me. I should have done, please accept my apologies. Thank you.

Puppy dog 6 to 9 months

1st Keech`s Samross American Dream: Black brindle baby with a typical headshape, wide open nostrils, dark eyes and reasonably neat ears. His impressive bite is housed in a muzzle that balances to his skull head which in turn balances to body. Correct depth of stop and muzzle that is correlation to the depth of skull. Good bite, with pinking shears pre molars, straight in the forequarters exhibiting ample bone and up on his pasterns. He has a good spring of rib coming on, that will develop further, good rear angulations with decent body definition, still a puppy as he should be, he moved well for his age, very promising.

Puppy dog 9 to 12 months

1st Johnson and Cromwell`s Ballyhoo Wake Up: Alert, topsize brindle with white, fit dog for his age with a head that balances to body. Excellent bite, good expression, would prefer his lips to be a shade tighter, dark eyes, just a small shade too much definition in stop for my ideal, reasonably neat well placed ears. He has good width across his chest with correct lift and width between his forequarters. Straight and strong forequarters were he is well off for bone, well up on his pasterns and showing a good length of upper arm. He has a good spring of rib, and his neck flows reasonably well into his withers and on into his level topline. Tight close coat , good rear angulations , impressive level of fitness and he moved well maintaining his topline.

2nd Addison and Reitner`s Thunderheads One Vision: Red dog with decent expression whose head balances to body, purposeful length to his muzzle that houses a good bite, wide open nostrils. He has dark eyes and neat ears and stands on well boned forequarters whose feet turn out correctly at pastern. His neck flowed reasonably well into withers but dips thereafter. He has a good spring of rib and good angulations get his feet correctly positioned, under vertical pasterns starting to muscle up but was eclipsed in this facet by one. Moved ok but that dip is visible on the moving profile.

Dog 12 to 18 months

1st O`Sullivan and Caswell`s Wavemaker Atlantica: Standard Strong headed brindle dog, a modern head with too much stop in this facet for my liking. Dark eye neat well placed ears, would prefer a tad more length to his muzzle and a cleaner tighter foreface and set on of muzzle. Good depth to his rear skull straight and strong in the forequarters with plenty of bone and his feet correctly turn out slightly at pasterns. He has a good spring of rib and his neck flowed well into withers and topline. Good angulations to his rear give him well positioned feet with vertical pasterns and good columns of support, gaskin starting to develop and he moved well.

Bred by exhibitor

1st Hallocks Camalots Man of La Manchia: Topsize plus dog with a topsize head. Reasonable expression, would prefer tighter cleaner lips, dark eyes and reasonably neat ears, good bite with a correct stop, well developed cheek bumps and filling under the eye. He stands on strong quarters and is well up on his pasterns, neck flows well into withers and on into his topline. Good spring of rib and being light in the loin gives a pleasing body definition. Correct unexaggerated rear angulation with vertical hocks. Good levels of fitness, balanced with an image of being active and agile… moved ok, wouldn`t lift his nose from the grass today.

American bred dog

1st Hall`s and Craig`s Ciera Homebrewed Low Rider: Standard sized black brindle with good muzzle proportions to skull, round eyes, neat ears, help his expression. He has a decent bite with wide open nostrils, a strong underjaw and is reasonably tight in the lip. Stands foresquare, has ample good bone in his straight forequarters and his feet turn out very slightly at pastern. Good shoulder placement and his neck flows well through his withers. He has a reasonably tight coat, his good rear angulations give a good bend of stifle and vertical pasterns. Acceptable musculature shown all over with decent second thigh development, reasonably light in the loin and acceptably good level of fitness, more would enhance body definition and the dog as a whole, moved well.

2nd Aliaga`s Tank: Traditionally headed lighter Brindle and white with a purposeful muzzle that was clean in the lip, a nose with wide open nostrils. He has a reasonably dark eye for his colouring but his ears will never be his fortune. He has a good depth to his skull and proportional muzzle. Plenty of strong bone in his forequarters with feet turning out slightly at the pastern. He shows a good width to his chest, decent spring of rib and being reasonably light in the loin. Good rear angulation provides vertical pasterns and good columns of support. Decent levels of fitness but more would possibly enhance body definition. His second thigh is apparent and he moved reasonably well. Tends to lean back when shown.

Open Dog

1st Roseman and Craig`s Ciera Homebrewed Dirty Side Down: An absolutely cracking topsize black brindle whose head balances well to a lithe athletic body, an image portraying the ability of being active and agile. Excellent typical expression with dark eyes and neat well placed ears. He has wide open nostrils and a good bite housed in a purposeful appearing muzzle shown by good length and depth that correlates in proportion to his backskull. A non exaggerated stop with correct head planes. His neck flowed smoothly into his withers and on into his correct topline. Good bone in his forequarters and up on well angulated pasterns, He has a good spring of rib with very commendable body definition helped by being light in the loin. His coat was tight close and shining, good rear angulations provide excellent columns of support and he moved as they should. Winners Dog, Best of Winners, Best Owner Handled and Best of Breed, I am pleased to say he went on to be best owner handled terrier and Group 1……….. a really nice dog and the best of him is probably still to come.

2nd Nicolai`s The Alchemist: Standard and typical Black brindle that was more of a compact package than the dog that beat him. His head balances to body with a good expression enhanced by dark eyes and neat well placed ears. Good length to his muzzle, good spring of rib that is carried back, tucks well up well, appears to carry a shade more amount of bone in the quarters than 1, as with 1 he has a gleaming coat well muscled rear quarters reasonably light in the loin. Brisket to elbow and a correct topline standing which he maintained on the move good rear angulation giving straight vertical pasterns and strong columns of support. A nice dog and Reserve winners dog.

3rd Cromwell`s Mat-Staff Howling Commando

4th Andreassen and Hemstock`s Jolihem Himself

Puppy bitch 6 to 9 months

1st Glidden`s Coalminer`s Lady Ann Dancing with Destiny: A fawn bitch whose ears at this point appear not to be her fortune. Her skull balances to body and her muzzle shows length and depth, decent stop and reasonably dark eyes. Straight with ample bone in the forequarters with her feet turning out slightly and correctly at the pastern. Her neck flows reasonably well into topline with rearquarters starting to develop, she is promising a decent spring of rib and stood with vertical rear pasterns. She cycled slightly at the rear on the move but she is still very much the baby

Puppy bitch 9 to 12 months

1st Heller`s Moonstruck Serendipity: Standard Red bitch with white markings. Strong muzzle showing good depth at set on with round eyes with neat ears well placed. Would prefer tighter lips and less wrinkling around the head. Good depth to the rearskull. Straight and strong in the forequarters, with her feet turning out slightly at the pastern. She shows good width and lift when viewed from the front and a good spring of rib from above. Decent rearquarters for her age, she moved well enough, maintaining a level topline.

Bitch 12 to 18 months

1st Wickel`s Sycamore`s Miss Maudie at Becourli: Black brindle bitch standard whose head balances to body. Her head has far too much definition in the stop for my liking. Dark round well placed eyes, just enough length to her muzzle, good depth to her rear skull. Reasonably neat ears. Straight in the forequarters with ample bone. She has a decent spring of rib and acceptable tuck up, light enough in the loin. Neck flows into withers but dips thereafter and showed up on the move, this dip often accompanies a rear cycling movement which she also showed on the move in profile.

Bitch bred by exhibitor

1st Urbanski and Zagraniczny`s Windycity Daphne: Standard and typical black brindle bitch with a flash of white. Muscular with an appearance of being strong active and agile. Her head is in balance to her body and shows a strong and purposeful muzzle with a depth that is in proportion to her back skull. Good expression with dark well placed eyes although her ears may be a shade neater. She is straight and strong in the forequarters, up on well angulated pasterns, a good spring of rib that she carries back and shows good levels of fitness. This in turn gives her very good body definition helped when viewed from above by being light in the loin and showing impressive tuck up in profile. Well muscled hindquarters and she moved smoothly and efficiently. Winners Bitch, Best bitch and Best Opposite Sex

2nd Darwish`s Damarhoff`s While my Guitar Gently Weeps: Red bitch with good expression, correct amount of stop, dark well placed eyes. Good skull proportions, straight and strong in the forequarters showing strong bone, decent spring of rib. Level topline and good rear angulation get her feet positioned correctly to give good columns of support, moved well enough.

Open Bitches

Cromwell`s Dynastaff Always and Never: A very typical black brindle bitch whose head balances to body, round dark well placed eyes and reasonably neat ears help provide her typical expression. Wide open nostrils at the end of muzzle of good depth that housed a good bite, lips tight and clean as was the rest of her foreface. She has good head proportions, her muzzle balances to her skull and is proportionate. She is straight and strong in the forequarters and her neck flowed well into shoulders and on into her topline. She exhibits a good spring of rib and acceptable levels of fitness, more would enhance for me and give better body definition. But that might not be whats wanted the majority of the time and as she is, is probably a good balance. Vertical pasterns provided good columns of support and this bitch moved very well maintaining her good form. One of the very best bitches on display here today. She pushed winners bitch within a whisker. Reserve winners bitch


1st Tice`s Ch Oakdell Armstrongs Shock and Awe.

Well put together Topsized and more dog with a good skull, a typical traditional head with good length and depth to his muzzle with no wrinkling whatsoever at the set on, which, with the correct stop, is in proportion to his backskull. Reasonably tight in the lip with a strong underjaw wide open nostrils. Dark eyes and well placed neat well placed ears. Stands on very strong forequarters, his neck flowed smoothly through withers and on into his topline. Brisket to elbow with a great spring of rib correct topline stood and moving. Well-developed hams good levels of fitness Excellent columns of support with good rear angulation. Still fitting his coat and he moved well.


Martin Grimwood ( Stormstaff )