2017 Critique – Audrey Hubery Nozac UK

N.E.S.B.T.C. Classic Critique
8th September 2017


Thank you for inviting me to judge at The N.E.S.B.T.C. with the TUXEDO PARK KENNEL CLUB SHOW.

My congratulations too all in this great club what a fantastic committee ALL working as a team, to give all exhibitors a great show. You have a great community of Stafford enthusiasts and long may it be.

I was humbled at the long distances some had traveled for my opinion on your lovely dogs and it is one opinion and will change from show to show.

I will not name names in case I miss any of the committee out. From my arrival at the airport to my departure Kelly & I were treated so well. Kindness & Generosity the order of the weekend.

Very well done on your fabulous banquet and auction. Proceeds will go to the club & rescue.

Thank you to Jodie your president for keeping things running smoothly and my steward was a diamond, pass my thanks again to her and thank you for the lovely gift .

My critique on your Staffords on the day: I felt your males had more quality in depth than the bitches I did however find some outstanding females .

PUPPY DOG: 1st. Neale. Calamar’s Deal’r No Deal. Still very much a baby head of correct proportions round dark eyes ears a bit erratic a shade longer in stop . Straight front and long in back He needs to mature well presented.

JUNIOR DOG: 1st. Diaz & Kilkenny. Brohez Breaker of Chains . A b/b that oozes quality bang on standard height & weight . A very clean head with no excess wrinkle excellent pigmentation with ears correctly placed . Eyes round and dark just enough fill in under the eyes to give the expression I was looking for. Good bite into tight lips no flesh under jaw, neck strong flowing into clean shoulders. Enough depth of brisket for age level topline which he held on the move . There is more to come on this young dog on maturity. Well done in turning him out in excellent condition. Expertly presented. RESERVE WINNERS DOG

2nd. Dingley & Gross. Clandara’s I’m The One. A dog who demanded attention stronger all round than 1st. I liked his strength of head pronounced cheek muscles . I would have preferred a tighter lip. Front wide ample rib just carried a bit weight around the loin area. Well handled.

AMERICAN BRED DOG: 1st. Aliaga. Tank C.G.C.RN .TKA. A standard male in good tight coat. I felt the head needs to mature ,correct pigmentation with dark round eyes with a keen expression . Perfect bite into tight lips not too short in stop . A muscular neck housing his powerful shoulders a little long in back but had a good tuck up in loins. He moved a little close on the hindquarters . Just needs to mature expertly handled.

OPEN DOG: 1st. Keetch. Samross American Dream . Wow name suits this standard male . A b/b who has quality stamped all over him not over done in any department. I loved his well defined head without any wrinkle correct placed ear carriage which he showed to advantage. Very dark eyes with black nose & nails excellent mouth with tight lips the typical stafford expression. Well muscled neck into correct shoulder placement . Straight boned legs and lovely tight feet. Short compact body a level topline with perfect tail set light in loins and enough bend of stifle with the hocks well let down enabled him to move with drive presented with care. This dog has more to come with maturity well done. BEST OF BREED & BEST OF WINNERS

2nd. Cromwell & Matusiak. Mat- Staff Howling Commando RN. I so loved his strength of head but it is just not about THE HEAD . Correct set ear carriage with a good round dark eye enough length of stop with good mouth & huge teeth. Muscular neck into wide shoulders deep brisket a little longer in back than 1st. Powerful hindquarters which helped him move with drive unlucky to meet winner In fine form today expertly handled.

PUPPY BITCH: 1st. Heller. Moonstruck Etched in Black. A promising puppy whose head still has to mature enough to like with good pigmentation. Perfect bite and tight lipped not over done in body, maturity on this puppy is all that is needed she was eager to please movement sound . Well handled.

JUNIOR BITCH: 1st. Williams & Williams. Maxsteel’s Around The Way Girl. An appealing young lady who stood 4 square , head enough to like at this young age not over done enough bone too like , short compact and moved with drive maturity on this one also.

BRED BY EXHIBITOR BITCH: 1st. Caswell. Wavemaker Briny Breeze. A very good honest bitch who fits the standard like a glove. Feminine head piece with a perfect mouth i would have preferred a shade darker eye but expression was so wicked . Her neck muscular without being doggy clean in front with straight bone in legs just the correct amount of brisket & level topline which she used to advantage on her movement A little weight loss around the loin area would have secured top spot. Expertly presented. RESERVE WINNERS BITC

AMERICAN BRED BITCH: 1st. Irwin & De A Costa. Bonnair N Eclips Time To Wait For Tomorrow . A b/b in top form today in good tight coat a bitch that has to be handled to feel her quality . A beautiful headed female with dark pigmentation a little longer in stop and no wrinkle about the face She has a good bite & clean in lips I liked her muscular neck leading into sound shoulders ample rib cage could have been lighter in the loins . She moved effortlessly with drive very well handled. WINNERS BITCH

OPEN BITCH: 1st. Erb. Dynastaffs Drops Of Jupiter. I liked the strength of head on this bitch with excellent pigmentation her well placed ears with correct round eyes and a good fill in under the eyes. Her bite was correct with tight lips, feminine strong neck flowing into good shoulder placement, front a little wide and deep in chest short & compact body she moved a little close on hind movement but a useful bitch .

BEST OF BREED – So my main winners were:

BEST OF OPPOSITE SEX. CH TRAWDEN ICENI QUEEN. Hornberg-Wilson & Harrison. White bitch with red marking from her feminine head which still had strength . Ears of correct size which gave her the typical stafford expression. Very good pigmentation powerful neck into straight front ample spring of rib with a very good tuck up topline level and held on the move which she did with out effort. I would have preferred tighter feet and she was not happy with the thin lead on her .

SELECT DOG: Monestina. G.C.H. Itcheboren Seriously Cool. A b/b male who demanded attention in the standard with a powerful head nicely placed ears with a wicked expression . Well lay back of shoulder with elbows tucked in enough bone a good spring of rib with short coupling level topline which he held on the move i felt he moved close on the hindquarters although sound on front . Expertly presented.

SELECT BITCH: Diaz & Kilkenny. Ch Black Country.s Whole Lotta Love . A brindle again who fit the standard so well not a over done head with no wrinkle around the face loved her piercing eyes which were round correct placed ears which she used too advantage . Perfect bite with tight lips very clean in the shoulders with no coarseness straight in front with good bone. Good depth of brisket and level topline nicely tucked up in the loins she moved with power and kept her topline level on the move . Expertly handled.