Monthly Archives: July 2013

Summer Fun BBQ

We would like to thank club member Peggy Nally for hosting our summer fun BBQ at her house and Andrew Sewell for manning the grill. Fun was had by all, dogs and humans alike. We started out with some good food and conversation and worked our way into some dog demos and competitions. It wouldn’t be an NESBTC BBQ without Mei George’s home made dumplings and Tony George’s sausage and peppers.

Andrea Kilkenny put on a Canine Good Citizen demonstration of what to expect and answered questions regarding training tips. There were Stafford races, musical hoops, and a pool for the dogs to cool off. Although we didn’t get to all the games and contests due to the heat, we didn’t let that stop us from having some fun. We look forward to hearing feedback from those that attended in order to help us put together a bigger Fun Day in the future.